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Posted by PixlCrushr - May 7th, 2017

Posted by PixlCrushr - February 3rd, 2012

Hey. So there are these sites called Facebook and Soundcloud that are totally better than this site and you should contact me there instead of here. I don't log on here very much anymore. I get some cool offers in my inbox sometimes, but other than that, the way this site works is lame. Little kids who make bad music get jealous and vote 0 on all the new submissions, little kids leave lame reviews, and there's nowhere to properly post music I make because I can't specify any of my genres here. There are great people on this site, but a large majority of the people here are the type of useless pieces of shit that need their computer taken away by their parents.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/PixlCru shr/153668187989420

Posted by PixlCrushr - December 11th, 2011

I made a new album. :D

12 tracks of mostly rock driven chiptunes. Check it.

Enter "0" to download it for free.

http://pixlcrushr.bandcamp.com/album/p oison-mushroom-lp-2011

Posted by PixlCrushr - July 20th, 2011

Yeah, I'm getting sick of having that pessimistic news post on my page I posted in April. The "wah wah 0 bombers wah wah my remixes are overrated wah wah school wah wah I'm getting so tired of stepping on my massive cock." Nobody wants to see that emo shit, right guys?

I don't really have much to say though. I just figured I'd express that I feel pretty good because I want a cheery default post on my profile. I have no source of income ("I'm between jobs right now" - Scott Pilgrim) and I'm not going to school anymore. It sucks being broke, but that's just not much of a problem right now. I'm just sitting around playing like 10 video games at a time. Life is good.

Posted by PixlCrushr - April 8th, 2011

It's anti-free-time. I wish I had more music up this year, last year, and the year before. I'll do what I can to turn this year around! I still like NG even though it has nothing on Sound Cloud and fucking stupid teenagers and children bomb your shit because they haven't a clue what abstraction or creativity is. They'd rather flock to the page of a girl who's a 6 at best that makes well produced, but unoriginal drum n bass music. This also comes with full realization that my chiptune works are a joke and a disgrace to forward-thinking music.

The popularity of my remixes don't mean shit to me. My Numa Numa remix is worthless, cheesy, and a blasphemy. When I post a song made without logic, but with emotion driven experimentation, and one or two people review it highly despite the 0-bombs and 1s and 2s, I get quite a big thrill that someone understood it.

So yeah, hopefully I'll be typical me again. Upload stupid bullshit remixes and experimental crap I made for myself, and so on. And maybe gather another 3-person following, that was cool. ...XD

Posted by PixlCrushr - June 3rd, 2010

Posted by PixlCrushr - July 10th, 2008

And it's at my Netlabel, 4 Channel Records. =)

"Famis for the Whole Family! is PixlCrushr's attempt at an all NES release, using FamiTracker for every song on it. This EP is 99% FamiTracker. The other 1%? Only some tool assisted ambiance during a small portion of one song. The EP was made mostly at the end of March, directly after the self titled album was completed, and can be explained as 2007 release Flamethrower's sequel. The release can also be explained as the cycle of a caffeine rush. Mellow at first, a quick burst of energy, and then the process of mellowing out again. This small release packs a lot of melodies, mellowed out beats, and just the right amount of noise and bass fueled energy from the track Pixel Army."

Download Here

Posted by PixlCrushr - March 27th, 2008

I have an album release and a split release! It's over 50 new minutes of Pixl yaayy...

My album

My split EP w/ tom "Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families

Hosted by Glitch City. They are awesome.

Posted by PixlCrushr - January 22nd, 2008

I have made a new 4 song EP under my 2nd alias, Teeks. It is IDM/pop electronica rather than chiptune. Give it a try, tell me what you think.

Download it at Glitch City

Or click here for the direct download link

Posted by PixlCrushr - October 28th, 2007

I have found a site for submitting chiptunes. It also doesn't have 0 raters or people who haven't a clue what chiptune even is (and why it takes more skill to make than a trance song based around a single arp). The site: http://www.8bitcollective.com/.